Earth shaking glory

A short and powerful insight into the other coming of Christ to which Advent pointed. He will come again, not in an elaborate “end times” scenario requiring gnostic apprehension of Scripture, but in a cosmos shaking return that “every eye shall see.” As the blogger says, “Some of us – my hope and the hope of the Church for each and every one of us is that we be counted among these – shall find that we have been carrying this glory inside of us (unbeknownst to the world, and even unbeknownst to us), and so shall be caught up in it, suddenly ourselves for the very first time, even as all that is and all that ever has been shudders and is wasted in an instant.”

Roman Observations

When Our Lord comes again in judgment – and He is coming, and with Him a great and terrible wrath – His coming will break the world: it will shatter the universe and all that is in it, into pebbles; it will not, however, be His judgment, which blasts creation into dust; it will be His glory; as quiet and meek as was His first coming into the world, in a hovel, in a manger, in a hamlet, so great will be the glory of His second coming, that the world shall break at it. Creation shall not have strength to withstand the coming into it of the Creator a second time, and all shall be undone.

Bellegambe's Last Judgment

Jean Bellegambe’s Last Judgment, 1523

This is no hyperbole, but mere fact, a plain and even prosaic statement of what the cognition of faith tells us must be.

Every valley shall be lifted…

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