Silent retreat or what’s my excuse?

I wish I could say that my absence from the blog world was due to an extended time of solitude and intimacy with God.

But the truth is I have a book with a publisher and that means deadlines and lots of work, on top of paycheck work and family duties.  So blogging is a casualty.

The book is tentatively scheduled for an August release but all of a sudden there’s a flurry of activity from the publisher.   It is a book of encouragement for family care givers.  My wife and I have a son with autism, so God inspired a bit of writing through that experience.  It has some of the Biblical reflection material I tend to blog here.

Blooming Idiot Title PageHere’s a screen shot of the title page in the publisher’s proofs.  (Title refers to me).  Will share more as it happens.  God willing, I’ll blog again here.  With Lent only weeks away, I guess that’s inevitable.

So, Lent… any particular spiritual exercises or disciplines on your agenda?  I’m thinking of saying one uncomfortable (for me) thing to someone each day.


6 thoughts on “Silent retreat or what’s my excuse?

  1. I mean, I know that’s generic, but I flow better that way. My medications remove me from the fasting category…though maybe that’s what’s needed most…hmmm.

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      1. Thank you for pointing to that, oh skinner of numerously skinned cats. I’m going to have to look up the origin of that cat skinning. But thank you for reminding me of and pointing me to Isaiah 58.


  2. It’s looking like it’s a reference that may have originated in the southern Mississippi River area where it was short for catfish and the various ways of getting a start on pulling the skin off one in preparation for cooking it…as in food…as in not fasting. in on food. I might go fishing and give my fish to the needy. (There…got the Lent thing covered.)

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