Balaam’s Cat

Bible readers know that the animal story about Balaam involves a donkey (Numbers 22).  God gave the critter power to speak when its master was riding into trouble, a situation set up by Balaam’s forging ahead on his own terms rather than God’s.

Out of physical exhaustion, sloth, moodiness (are those all related?) or something else, I’ve been forging into recent days without the morning prayer and Bible reading that are a precious part of my relationship with God.

When I do start the day in prayer, it’s at our dining room table.  Our dog and cat come and curl up close by, suspending their demands for food and trips outside to let me take in the Word of God and lift my praises and petitions before the problems of the day intrude.

This morning I continued to blow off prayer time and was surfing the internet.  The cat started meowing.  I went into the dining room to see if she was all right and she was rubbing against the legs of the chair where I sit for morning prayer.  It was the affectionate rubbing that she gives my shins before settling down like the Sphinx to let me pray.

I have to admit that I was moved by her antics.  If the prayer time imparts an intangible, positive something that even dumb animals desire, can’t I spare the few minutes?

Unlike Balaam’s donkey, the cat wasn’t sounding a warning.  It wasn’t that God was angry at me for not plopping down to appease him with a morning sacrifice.  Rather, God was reminding me of the good that prayer brings into the creation and, more than this, of the pleasure he takes in his children.

The readings this morning were a great blessing, affirming some new directions I’m taking and also giving guidance in the face of some challenges.

20160524_064559Her duty done, the cat indulged her bird watching hobby.

Did I mention that her name is Sophia, which means wisdom?

Although nothing in this fallen world is pure.  She’s actually named for an object of lust.

Any ways that God is meowing or otherwise calling to you through his creation?  Keep your ears, eyes, other senses and most of all your heart open.



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