You Got New Shoes!

The conundrum of how prayer is valued in situations of demand and duress, but can be forgotten or devalued when “things are good.” I’ve been reading in the Book of Judges lately, and the pattern of the Israelites is to seek God when they are in trouble, and turn away when times improve.

God in the Max

As I entered the unit tonight one of the guys yelled across the cell block, “You got new shoes!”

It was true. I’d ordered a new pair of sneakers that had arrived this afternoon and was wearing them on their maiden voyage to the maximum security unit.


That guy’s comment speaks to how much they notice and remember the volunteers.

The surroundings for the men are fairly colorless. Therefore, when I go to the jail I’m selective in what I wear. I avoid red and orange since those are the colors the inmates wear and see all the time. I also avoid wearing tan or olive drab since those are the colors worn by the COs (correctional officers). I’ll usually wear a shirt that is bright yellow or magenta, and slacks that are dark blue or off-white.


The unit is still on near lock-down so again I was doing cell-by-cell…

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