Building a City of Prayer

A Roman Catholic blogger who is wrestling with the church’s present struggles. All traditions are struggling in a variety of ways, some inflicted from without and some self inflicted. This is an encouragement to prayer – not as a passive escape, but as direct action.

the theological beard

prayer without end - nicolaes maes

There have been constant calls for prayer and fasting in this crisis. It is important to engage in such spiritual warfare as one is able. A soldier who attempts an action beyond their means will find themselves gravely injured or dead. I am not a prayer warrior. In the ever humorous words of a priest I know, “I have other gifts.” Some people are called and are now able to engage in great works of prayer and acts of reparation. For my part, I offer a Divine Mercy chaplet in reparation for the sins of bishops and priests, specifically sins of abuse and cover-up, for their taking right action now, and for the renewal of the priesthood. This small prayer offered faithfully is acceptable to God and efficacious. As for fasting, well, I am given to grumbling when I fast on days that I am not under obedience to do…

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